Artemis the Virgin - She means autonomy, independence, the freedom to take or reject, one-in-herself, true to her own nature and instinct. Her Symbols Are: Night, Earth, Nature, Hunting, and Wild Animals. She is Guardian and Protectress of all who give life. Virgin Moon Goddess, Goddess of the Hunt and of Childbirth, Warrior Goddess of the Amazons, The Tree Goddess, The Bear, The Nymph, and Lady of the Beasts. She represents the variable energies of the feminine psyche. I call Her Lady of the Wild. She is the Hawk and the Lioness. Her Hounds protect and escort Her.
The deer is lithe, tense, aloof and incredibly fleet. The deer embodies the spirit of the wild and is the ancient emblem of the birth giving goddess, Artemis. It belongs to both moon and water. On the other hand, the branching antlers of the deer are linked to the rays of the sun. The word "deer" means "shining fire". Hence, Artemis is both Moon and Sun. She is Deity of lakes, marshes, and streams and sacred fish, the inhabitants of underwater world.
As Mother of Mysteries, Artemis presides over the three worlds. She is the female Yoni (triangle) indicative of Her regenerative power.
In one classical image of Artemis, Her skirt is covered with breasts. They are rich ripe full breasts in their prime. They are sensual, exuberant and giving. On her crown-like hat and in her necklace are carved animal heads of cows, goats, and camels, all of which are herd animals that give milk. These carvings are also on her breasts showing that Her breasts were essential, aesthetic, economic, and all giving.
Amaranth, a purple and crimson flower is sacred to Artemis. The flower’s name in Greek means unwithering, immortal. It's herbal usage is as a relief for menstrual disorders.