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Are you interested in having some questions answered?


Would you like more information about what energies are at play in your life now?


Are you looking for direction - possible ways to go in your life?


Are you interested in having a detailed reading for help with your questions?


  Special Offer!  Advice from the Norns!  $25 for a  three position reading from Verdandi, Urd, and Skuld using Futhark Runes. Just use code words "Norns"

Detailed readings via email. The first step is to send an email with your question (or questions) select "Contact Bendis."  Please think seriously about your question and then accurately ask what it is you want to know or wish more information about in your email.

I offer you a choice in reading methods.  I can give a reading using the Ogham Twigs.  The Ogham is an ancient spiritual alphabet used by the Druids and is based on nature, including mystical lore and well as natural facts about trees, birds, stones, animals and mythology around the world.  In the reading I draw from a set of willow twigs and read from the letters marked on the twigs.  This reading is $60.

I can also offer readings on the Elder Futhark Runes, also an ancient alphabet based on Northern European mythology and historical facts.   This reading is also $60.

Once I receive your question, I will send you an invoice which you may use for payment.

All readings will provide detailed information applied to your question.  The more detail you can provide with your question, the better I will be able to assist you.  Age and gender and general state of your life kinds of things are always helpful.

This is your journey.  No one can tell you which road to take, or what path to follow.  Yours is a journey of the heart, and your heart seeks the joy and abundance readily available to us all.  A reading can only offer you suggestions and possible outcomes as well as details that might help you achieve your goals.  It is always up to you to take from the reading what is useful and then apply it to your life.

About Bendis

Mythologically, the meaning of the Roebuck is "Hide the Secret."  The Roebuck, originally a White Hind, hides in the thicket, and that thicket is composed of twenty-two trees.

Well, the Blue Roebuck, in this case is, of course, Deanne also known as Bendis, Fierce Huntress of the Two Spears, Priestess of the Goddess. (read more)


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