The World of the Goddess (index of pages below)

The Goddess is the "All of Creation". She is the Creatress and the Created. She is the Life Force of All There Is. She is One, Whole, and Complete. Before Her, Nothing was. She arose from the Great Void, giving Birth to Herself, before anything else had ever been born. She separated the Sky and the Water, and She Danced. In the Ecstasy of Her Dance did She conceive of All There Is.

Goddess image by Janie Simpson

In every culture, in every part of the world, the Goddess has been revered as the Birth Giver of all Life. From the very beginning of time, in our earliest primitive state, we sought to explain the unexplainable by drawing from what we knew. The female of every species brought forth life, therefore the Creatrix had to also be Birth Giving Mother and the Great Mother was given Her identity.

She has been loved, feared, respected, honored, and glorified in every way imaginable throughout thousands of years of human development. She has been given a "face" for every conceivable aspect of Her nature. She has taken the form of animals, humans, and elemental energies. She has been given associations with plants, colors, sounds, stones, music, and more. For every aspect and every view She has a face.

She awaits you now. Enter through any of the links below. Take your time, and explore each page of "The World of the Goddess.”

Artemis Baba Yaga Bendis Boudica
Brighid Britomartis Cailleach Cardea
Cerridwen Eos Eostre Epona
Eurynome Fand Flora Hecate
Het Heru Kali Kore  Kuan Yin
Melissae Morrighu Muses Nine Maidens
Norns Olwen Orishas Oshun
Oya Pele Sadb Scathach
Sekhmet Sequana Sophia Sunna
Sun Goddesses Yemaya Danu Demeter
Druantia Hestia Hymen Ix Chel
Saule Boann Cybele Lakshmi

A Bigger than lifesize Kuan Yin - a human puppet!