Eurynome is the Great Goddess, Mother, Creatrix, Ruler ~ called the Goddess of All Things. She was born out of Chaos, and immediately She set about separating the water from the sky. She began a beautiful and sensuous dance of creation across the water. She danced faster and faster until a great wind grew behind her. Eurynome caught this wind in Her hands and created a great snake. She named him Ophion.

"Eurynome Creates the Cosmos" 1994 by Elsie Russell

Ophion watched Eurynome dance across the waves and was filled with lust. He coiled his body around the Goddess and made love to her as she danced.

Transforming Herself as a Dove, the Goddess birthed the Universal Egg. As the Egg burst open, the earth spilled forth, and all the plants and animals were born.

Eurynome was pleased with Her creations, but when she saw Ophion strutting about, boasting that it was he who was responsible for this marvelous creation, Eurynome, banished him from the heavens!

Eurynome also created the Seven Planetary Powers. Theia and Hyperion were given the Sun and the power of illumination; Phoebe and Atlas were given the Moon and the power of enchantment; Dione and Crius were given the planet Mars and the power of growth; Metis and Coeus were given the planet Mercury and the power of wisdom; Themis and Eurymedon were given the planet Jupiter and the power of law; Tethys and Oceanus were given the planet Venus and the power of love; and Rhea and Cronus were given the planet Saturn with the power of peace.

"Eurynome and Ophion" 1999 by Cora Yee

Eurynome, "wide wandering," refers to her as the moon traveling across the sky. She was called "exalted dove," or, Iahu-'Anat by the Sumerians.

from space I arose
awake in the great nothing
that is all potential.
the great swirling field
the empty void of space
all that can be
all that is ….
my joy, so complete,
be-ing overcome with delight.
my body moved
in ecstatic pleasure
ripples of laughter
bubbling forth, I am
lost in my intensity ...
I dance forth creation
dividing earth and sky
dancing on the waves,
birthing the north wind
creating in my joy.
lost in my dance
I am all that is. 
Deanne Quarrie June 2003

Deanne Quarrie copyright June 1, 2003