Lakshmi has eight forms:

·         Bhagya-Lakshmi – Goddess of Luck

·         Gaja-Lakshmi –  Goddess of the Elephants

·         Dhana-Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth

·         Dhanya-Lakshmi – Goddess of Food

·         Santan-Lakshmi – Children

·         Vidya-Lakshmi – Goddess of Learning and the Arts

·         Vira-Lakshmi – Goddess of Courage

·         Vaibhav-Lakshmi – Success

Adi – Lakshmi  is the Primeval Mother (also known as Adi – Shakti). She is the Supreme Mother Goddess.

She is the container of all life was the womb of the primal mother-goddess, Adi-Lakshmi.  She existed before everything else.  No man, god or demon has the capacity to understand her.  She is unfathomable.

It is also said that Adi-Lakshmi immerged as … (so that she might be perceived):

Maha – Lakshmi from rajas or agitation – consort of Shiva – supreme aspect that may be perceived.  She represents the benign and bountiful  aspect of Nature.  In Tantra she is less the consort of Shiva and more an independent entity similar to Durga. 

Making An Abundance Altar
Vastu Altars To Increase Abundance & Prosperity  

1) Make sure the area is clean and your surface is against a northern wall or window, or in the north sector of your home or office.
2) The colors gold and green should be used on some pieces on this altar.
3) The water element in the northeast can be fresh flowers in colors that correspond to the altar. You can use a vase that is clear or lightly colored.
4) Use a green or gold candle in the southeast, or an oil lamp.
5) Use stones or crystals in the southwest in green or gold colors. You can use a statue of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, a plant, or anything from nature.
6) For the air element in the northwest, use a standing wind chime, incense, a fan or a feather.
7) You can hang a green colored Austrian leaded crystal on a red string in increments of nine inches over the center of your altar to keep the abundance you desire moving in your direction.
8) Add a dish or small plate in the center of your altar to act as a place for your offering. Use gold or green.
9) You can add a Shree Lakshmi Yantra to your offering dish for an extra boost of positive energy or a Ganapati (Ganesh) Yantra to remove all obstacles to your abundance.
10) On an unlined piece of paper that can easily fit onto the Offering Tray, add a handwritten word, an Angel Card, or some other symbolic representation of the abundant feeling you would like to receive from the Divine.
11) Include a Personal Symbol in the center, in back of the offering tray of your altar. It can be a statue, photograph, collage, or picture that inspires feelings of abundance.
This is reprinted from Altars of Power and Grace: Create the Life You Desire by Robin and Michael Mastro.


Play Her Mantra