Ix Chel

Ix Chel, often called "Lady Rainbow", was a moon goddess of the Maya people. The Maya connected her with the phases of the Moon and events in the lives of the people. In images or statues made in Her honor, She is often depicted as an old woman wearing a skirt with crossbones on it. She often carries a serpent in Her hand or is seen wearing it on Her head. She also carries a jug of water which she overturns to send heavy floods and powerful rainstorms on the Earth. She was also worshipped for her protection of weavers and women in childbirth.

She is Mother Earth, the Womb, the Cave of Life. From Her, life is born and to Her, returns at death. She is the keeper of bones and the souls of the dead.

Ix Chel is all of life's fertility and is the continuation of all life, She is the mystery and joy of our female sexuality, and protector of our children.

She is a healer, the Goddess of Medicine, who knows all of the healing gifts of the Earth and Her children, the plants. Her flower is the marigold. Her methods of teaching and healing are by example as She comforts those who are ill or in pain.

She is the energy of all water, our most essential life giving ingredient. Nourishing rains and crystal clear rivers are Her gifts. As the tree of life, milk pours from Her breasts just as blood pours from Her womb.

The Mayan stepped pyramid is lx Chel's mountain where She reigns as the feathered serpent energy of transformation. Her totem is the snake which sheds its skin and is continually reborn. Her lap is the red jaguar throne of authority and power. She is often shown with a rabbit which symbolizes Her life giving abundance and fertility.

She is the young Maiden ripe with flowering life as well as the old crone of wisdom, pouring the waters of life from Her cauldron. She is viewed as creative inspiration for artists and craftspeople. She weaves the web of life and is the matron of weavers and those who make clothing.

The Moon is Her symbol and as She moves through the cycles of waxing, full, waning and darkness She mirror's the mysteries of our women's bodies and our blood cycles.

Original artwork for this page by Meg Easling


by Amy Martin

Lady Rainbow, colors sublime
(walk in together wave-like)
Weaving existence from the sky
(walk out together wave-like)
You hold for all the cycles of time
(walk in together wave-like)

Ix Chel, I pledge myself to you
(walk backwards hands across chest)
Living in the ocean wave
In healing plants the lives they save
In the Moon in every phase
Ix Chel, I pledge myself to you
Making fertile life on Earth
Guiding mysteries of birth
Embracing sex and all pleasure
Ix Chel, I pledge myself to you
Maiden fair and apocalypse crone
Mother to all, compassionate one
Her promise is of restoration
Ix Chel, I pledge myself to you.

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