Sekhmet, Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time,
Sekhmet, Whose Essence is fire,
Tempestuous, Forever.
Great One of Magic, Grant me success in my endeavor!
Blessed Be the Name of Sekhmet,
Beloved Her Image! 

SekhmetThe Goddess Sekhmet is undoubtedly one of the most ancient Deities known to the human race. She is known as consort of Ptah and daughter of Ra, but She is much older than either of them. She came into Egypt from a place unknown and unrecorded, and was known as "Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time," and "One Who Was Before the Gods Were."


The Beautiful One

What is known of Her by most people is a single myth called "The Myth of the Destruction of Mankind." In this myth humans entered into a conspiracy to overthrow the gods. Hearing of their plan, Ra called the most potent and ancient of deities together and after much counsel they decided to send for Sekhmet who would manifest and punish all those who conspired the evil plots.

When Sekhmet walked among mankind, She destroyed them, night after night, wading in their blood. When it had gone on for a long time, the gods were afraid that She would destroy mankind, as She was drunk on blood. They made a mixture of powerful mind altering drugs and blood and poured this liquid out upon the ground. When Sekhmet came to this area She drank all of this liquid and "Her heart was filled with joy" and She thought no more of destroying mankind.

From that time on, this liquid was used to celebrate (without the blood) at orgiastic festivals. The people danced, played, and shook the sistrum. From that time on Sekhmet was celebrated as "Beautiful" and "Brilliant" and came to represent the ecstasies of love.

The Goddess represents, and contains within Herself, that same powerful energy called Kundalini in the Tantric Tradition. Kundalini is the "coiled serpent" or "Shakti" of the individual. The word Shakti is itself a Hindu derivation from the name Sekhmet. In the human orgasm, Kundalini is the supreme force. There is a great deal of evidence that the Egyptians knew about chakras and the Kundalini Shakti long before they appeared in the traditions of India.

The experience of the newly dead in the "Underworld" was an important part of the Mysteries of Sekhmet. Would be initiates, while in trance states, would experience themselves dying where much of what occurred to them was believed to be the same as what would happen when they actually died. It was the experience of these terrifying events that prepared the initiates to overcome their own fear of death, for in the path they chose, if they could not overcome these fears they would not survive the magical training ahead of them. Should they fail the tests presented to them by Sekhmet they were screened out for they would not survive their training.

Sekhmet is Protectress of the Divine Order and, as such, protects the gods against evil forces. Like the lioness She fiercely protects what She loves and that for which She is responsible. She has never been known to initiate an attack, but welcomes the opportunity to respond to aggression and Her power is dedicated to righteous ends. All of Her actions stem from loyalty and love.

My SekhmetSekhmet has been an integral part of my life now for many years. She is a "Fierce Mother" and has brought much to my life. She has helped me to remove that which causes me harm in my physical surround and has offered much in the way of love and protection during the trauma of Her work. She first came to me as a spirit animal, a lioness, and finally revealed Herself as Sekhmet after much personal work and many visits into the spirit world.

Blessed Be Her Many Names.