Oshun-Erzulie Yalode (Oxum) Oshun 

Oshun is the Orisha of freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. Today in the she has been associated with St. Catherine, Our Lady of Caridad del Cobre, Mother of Charity. Her special day is Thursday.  

The number associated with her is 5. Her name comes from the Oshun River in Nigeria. Her colors are yellow and green. Her birds are quail, vultures, parrots, and peacocks. She likes loves coral! She is totally captivated by all that glitters, especially gold. She loves bells, fans, mirrors, scallop shells, and likes to be offered honey, cinnamon, oranges, pumpkins, and French pastry.  

To call upon Her, the proper greeting is, "Ori Ye Ye O". She is identified with the new crescent Moon and Venus. Her favorite places in the home are in the kitchen and bedrooms.

Oshun"Oh, my mother Oshun, Queen of rivers and streams. 
Oh, my mother Oshun, hear our prayers. 
Near the waterfall there is a small cave,near the waterfall there is a small golden bench; 
Near the waterfall my mother Oshun often comes to rest."

She controls all feminine activity. Her symbol is a fan, comb or mirror. She loves yellow flowers. Magical offerings can be sent to her in small paper boats.

Work with Oshun for wealth, eroticism, pleasure, rivers, magic, art, dance, and emotions.   

She bears a great similarity to Lakshmi. She is the sister of Yemaya.  

Area of body: abdomen. 
Substances: copper, gold.   

She love mirrors, fans, boats/canoes, coral, tortoiseshell combs, pumpkins (keeps gold and magic tools in them), gourds with festive feathers, and peacock feather fans. 
Her secret tokens: gold 5-rayed crown, 2 oars, bell, 5 bracelets. 

Her holy day is Sept 18 
Her birds as the peacock and the vulture 

Herb offerings - rose, sunflower, lotus, sow thistle, oranges + orange leaves, papaya, marigold, river weeds, pepper grass, anise seed + flower, seaweed, plantain, vervain, lantana, purple grapes, maidenhair fern, rosemary, wild lettuce, creeping crowfoot.

Stones: Amber 

Offerings: Honey (be sure to taste it first for her), oranges, eggs, gold, pumpkin, yellow cake, rum, white wine. Chamomile tea made with river water. Cowrie shells, yellow cloth, yellow flowers, mirrors, gold or brass bells, fans, peacock feathers, kola nuts, coral beads, amber resin, yellow candles, and toy boats.  

Offerings made near a river or source of flowing pure water are good.   

To make her Ileke, use amber or yellow beads and red coral- one sequence of five beads of each color then 1 of each repeated five times. Anoint with Florida Water, cocoa butter and Oshun oil.

Oshun Het Heru


My Altar to Oshun


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