I am a ruthless boar" 

In this month Amergin sings, "I am a ruthless boar." The Boar is the last to be mentioned by him. We have seen the boar several times dealing with the "hinge" of the year, the passage across the boundary between Light and Dark. The Boar is the creature that represents the always present divine energy is seen as moving from one form to another, becoming once a dark, creature of destruction and then as a solar teacher. He is like the Stag who changes from the antlered spirit to the earth power of the greenwood. The Boar who at Samhain moves into darkness, is now the harbinger of death, whose energy is active as growth into darkness.

The Boar's descent into the Underworld is not just a journey of destruction. Because the Boar (now a Sow) is a creature of fertility, so she plants, within Death, the seeds of renewal.

(Alexei Kondratiev, The Apple Branch)