cormorantCormorant is the Ogham bird for Onn, the Spring Equinox. Robert Graves wrote, » O-odorsrach, cormorant ; and odhar, dun. Why is the Cormorant next ? Not hard. This is the season of Lent when, because of the Church’s ban on the eating of meat and the scarcity of other foods, men become cormorants in their greed for fish. And Dun is the colour of the newly ploughed fields. 

The cormorants name is derived from Latin 'corvus marinus', which means 'sea crow', called Phalacrocorax carbo in Linnaeus desciption, lives near the water, on coasts and estuaries, inland lakes and rivers. Depending on whether their habitat is coastal or river, they next on oceanside cliffs or in trees along the water. The cormorant is a large black or blue-black bird, with a long neck and bill, and it is known for standing on rocks, with arms stretched out to form a Celtic cross.