The Dance

On my altar sit my stones , my goddess images, water - salt, my incense burner.  My sacred flame is burning - has been burning this whole day.  It's light reminding of my work this night.

I have been dancing - dressed in my earth-tone sarong, deep orange, brown and green,  bare breasted - dancing for Goddess, celebrating my beauty and the beauty of all women's bodies.

I begin by taking my incense, a lovely patchouli and with music loud and primal, I anoint my body while I dance the rhythms of my soul.  I smell the essence of the wood, I feel it caress my skin - I am Air - I see the beautiful pink dawn of morning and feel the fresh clean air of Spring - I feel life bursting forth.  Off in the distance - comes my hawk to join me in my sacred space.  I dance with Air - I am Air.

I turn to my altar once more - to my sacred flame - running my hands over and through the flame - over and over - feeling the warmth flickering on my skin - I am fire - I dance with Fire - taking the heat of the flame to my third eye - and ask that the spark be bright this night.  Again reaching into the flame I hold the heat to my heart and fill it with the warmth of love. Swelling - it feels strong and light - happy - loving the dance.

Once more my hands return to the flame and I feel the heat. I see it dancing with me in my song.  I take the heat to my belly chakra - bringing the creativity of my passion - bringing it alive this night!  I turn and dance around the room - spirited and alive - loving the dance - loving being in my body - feeling the music moving within me as my own energy - wild and free - pulsing with the rhythm - ready to make my magic come to me,  now.

Again I return to my altar - placing my hands in the bowl of water.  I wash my face running my hands down lightly across the skin of my neck, to my breasts - feeling their woman's fullness - nipples, stiffening,  pleasure coming to me in the touch.  Then down the belly swaying with the music - alive to the dance within.  Water - I become water.  I  feel the fluids of life - where once I carried my babies in the womb. Then I am at once - in the water, first riding the wave of the ocean - reveling in the speed of my body moving with the wave.  Then a cascading waterfall, showering me in newness and beauty, fresh and clean!

I dance once more to my altar and reach for the salt - I sprinkle it upon me and around altar - across and around the room - feeling its grounding power - I place a bit of it upon my tongue - thanking the Earth for Her bounty.  I place my crystal in my hands and once more dance around the room - taking the crystal with me in my dance - feeling alive and vibrant - lost in my dance.

My sacred space now created, I take my place before my altar - breathing in the smell of patchouli and hearing the music - feeling my heart pound with the sound - feeling the pulse of music filling me and coursing through my body.  I am one with this place.  I am one with the music and the energy I have created here NOW. I am Goddess - Joyful and feeling strong and beautifully alive.  In this moment truly here - now.

My work is before me - I breathe in the air around me - feeling it enter thru my nostrils and down into my lungs - my breath - clean, sweet air - shared with all that is - and then, let it go, relaxing in the breath  - in and out, I breath slowly and surely, centering self and feeling at peace.

I am ready.  I begin! I shout my words - loudly - I shout to the world, to the Elements, to all powers that are - to the Universe -  what it mine by right is coming to me now. All that I desire - manifested now.

I shout it again - and again - powerful magic taking place - then repeat again and this time a bit softer and again softer still - and again, until just a whisper - and again,  only in my mind.  Taking a few more deep breaths, am still,  the words repeating over and over in my mind.   Slowly, I rise.  I turn to the East and speaking clearly, once more say my words .  I turn to the South and I say again.  I turn to the West, again, say my words, and then to the North ...... placing my hands flat, together on my altar, facing North,  I look to the Old Ones, I smile.  I have tears in my eyes, because I know -  it is Done!

Tomorrow I take my papers, left for now, on my altar. I will burn them in the morning and take a walk on the beach - releasing the energy to the birthing sea. For I have indeed, birthed my desires, this night.

Bendis ....
Fierce Huntress of the Two Spears