Free and Bold

Listen ~ Free and Bold  

Try to imagine - see if you can envision the beautiful Amazon women working together in love and trust, honoring their Goddess, provider of all. They are strong just as you are; calling on the support of their Sisters when needed, each woman knowing that the others are there for her should she have need.

These women are wild women, which mean they are free spirits - connected in all ways with their environment - in tune with the energies about them, in tune with their own energies, unafraid and bold in how they live their lives. They stand up for those who suffered at the hands of outsiders, they fight for what is right, they speak the truth, directly and with courage and demand that they be heard.

They use the healing energy provided by the universe to heal themselves and others.  They love freely, without jealousy, capturing the joy of every moment. All that they create with their hands or from within their own bodies is nurtured and loved. Their children prosper and grow healthy and strong because they are loved unconditionally.

This is your birthright - to live freely and without fear. You cling to what you know is right in your heart. You trust that you will always have what you need. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to love. You dance with the wind, revel in the warmth of the sun, and play like a child in the rain.

You are these Amazon Women, now, in this place, in this time, wild and free, strong and beautiful.