gooseIn Egyptian mythology, the earth-god Geb (also called Seb, or Keb) was sometimes depicted with a goose surmounting his head. He was also described as a goose called The Great Cackler, whose female each day laid the egg from which the Sun hatched (the Sun was thought to be reborn each morning). The goose was clearly a solar creature. As such, geese are still sacrificed at the turn of the year in some parts of northern Africa.

In Ancient Egypt as well as in Ancient China the goose was considered a messenger between Heaven and Earth. In China geese are still a symbol of marriage, because of their lifelong pair-bond.

In the Roman empire, the goose was the sacred animal of Juno, a goddess of light, marriage and childbirth, who was later considered adviser and protectress of the Roman people. A story tells of how geese saved the Romans with their warning cries when the Gaul's attacked the citadel of the Capitol.

The Celts associated the goose with war, possibly because of its watchful nature and aggressive temperament. Warrior gods were sometimes depicted with geese as companions. Remains of geese have been found in warrior's graves. The Britons kept geese, but did not eat them. They were, however, sometimes used as sacrificial offerings.

Canadian GooseThe goose, with its steady, powerful flight and migratory habits, can be associated with traveling, undertaking a journey to a new destination. This journey can be difficult and may take long. The goose can help people find the perseverance needed to go on with their quests. In earlier times, shamans were aided by spirit geese on their journeys to other worlds.

In modern shamanism, geese are also associated with communication, the ability to express oneself, especially through the use of stories. It is said that the goose as a totem signifies the importance of the childhood belief in stories and legendary places. The stories people liked most as a child might give insight in the patterns in their lives.

As in ancient mythology, geese are in modern shamanism still regarded as symbols of marriage, fidelity and the importance of a solid, happy home and family life.

Some say a goose in a dream stands for silly behavior, and a cackling goose for a person uttering idle chatter or possibly evil gossip.
A goose laying an egg may symbolize a pleasant surprise or something new coming into your life.

Flying along with a flock of geese while dreaming may signify a desire for more freedom, or the need to undertake new actions, perhaps even a spiritual quest. Such a flight may also show your ability to reach places you never thought yourself capable of.