Seagulls Why is the Gull in the next place?  Not hard.  In this month Gulls congregate on the ploughed fields.  And Crimson is the color of the glain, the magical egg which is found in this month, and of alder dye, and of the Young Sun struggling through the haze.
Gull represents the believer in universal abundance, attribute of providing. She teaches how to find necessary items required from what is before us. One can begin to see the clear path of deception, learning to look beneath the surface. Universal Abundance.

The Gull beyond the Northern wind.

The scientific name for Glaucous Gull, Larus Hyperboreus, can be translated, into The Gull from beyond the Northern wind. "Larus" comes from the Greek "Laros" which was the name for a "ferocious sea bird". "A Gull" we presume. This is easy, and hyperboreus can be translated into "The very North", or even "beyond the northern wind" as hyper means, super or beyond and "boreas" again in the Greek Mythology, is the personified "Northern wind".