Coll (CULL)

The Letter

The Tree ~ Hazel

Ninth Consonant

Place on the Hand ~ First Joint of the Ring Finger 
Color ~ Cron - Brown

Red Banded Agate

Stone ~ Banded Red Agate

Bird ~ Corr - The Crane 

Sophia, Olwen

Symbols ~ Wisdom and the Salmon
Message ~ return to our source of wisdom

Note ~ D
Planet ~ Mercury

Word ogham ~ wisdom, fairest of trees, friend of nutshells, sweetest tree
Flower essence ~ Chestnut Bud

Hazel is the ninth consonant.  The nut is a symbol for concentrated wisdom, something sweet, compact and sustaining in a hard shell.  In England a forked hazel nut stick was used for divining not only water and buried treasure, but murderers and criminals. The letter Coll was used as the Bardic number nine, nine being sacred to the Muses and because the hazels fruits after nine years. It gave its name to a god, Mac Coll.  The Fenian legend of the ancient dripping Hazel, the hazel appears as a tree of wisdom that can be put to destructive uses. Ancient Irish heralds carried white hazel wands.  

Magical Properties - planet- sun, element - air, deities - Mercury, Thor,  Artemis, Diana,  powers- luck, fertility, anti-lightning, protection, wishes.  String nuts and hang in the house for luck. Give to a bride to wish her good fortune.  Eaten, they give wisdom and fertility. To protect yourself outside, draw a circle in the dirt with a hazel twig. Weave hazel twigs into a crown for luck or the induce invisibility. Placed in the window to guard against lightning. Hazel is used for dowsers and magical wands. 

It is a Tree of Divination, tree of feminine inspired wisdom, wands of arbitration, hazel represents natural law, that of human rhythm in response to lunar rhythm.  The witch’s broomstick should have a shaft of hazel and the dowsers rod should be hazel. 
Hazel represents the distillation of the pure and concentrated essence of anything, especially knowledge.  It is the essence of the use of language for communication, the mystery of how ideas are formed and realized in consciousness.  It is from this ultimate source that creative energy is produced.  It is the essence of all truth and beauty.  You will either become the facilitator of self-discovery for others, or you will soon be the recipient of some teaching from others.  Concentrate on the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom.  You may be called upon to arbitrate in a conflict, or some conflict you are having will be mediated on the principles of wisdom.  Search for the source of all things.  There is mastery and skill being directed in a conscious way.  The challenge is that there may be a tendency not to follow intuition, and as a result your creativity may be blocked.  You may be blocked by fear of failure, or you may experience blockages from outside yourself. 

Botanical Information
The hazel is of course, where we get hazelnuts.  It is a shrub up to 20 feet tall, growing in open woodlands and at the edges of forests.    The Hazel is part of the Birch family. 


Swiftly flows the river
From the mountain to the sea,
The rapids as they flow
Teach me what they know
Of strength and grace and speed,
And flashing as I go
I ever learn and grow.

Gently winds the river
Through the plain down to the sea;
The still and silent pool
Makes a wise one from a fool

With depth and calm and peace
And flashing as I go
I ever learn and grow.

On the earth, in the air~ Through the fire, by the water,
I am KNOWLEDGE, the Hazel moon’s daughter

© Chris Carol 1979