LeadLead has a dull luster and is a dense, ductile, very soft, highly malleable, bluish-white metal that has poor electrical conductivity. It is highly resistant to corrosion. Because of this property, it is used to contain corrosive liquids (e.g. sulfuric acid). Lead can be toughened by adding a small amount of antimony or other metals to it.

Lead has been used by humans for at least 7000 years, because it is widespread, easy to extract and easy to work with. It is highly malleable and ductile as well as easy to smelt. In the early Bronze Age lead was used with antimony and arsenic. Lead pipes that bear the insignia of Roman emperors are still in service and many Roman "pigs" (ingots) of lead figure in Derbyshire lead mining history and in the history of the industry in other English centers. Lead's symbol Pb is an abbreviation of its Latin name plumbum. The English word "plumbing" also derives from this Latin root.

Lead has long been used in magic. In ancient Greek times tablets of this metal were ritually charged and inscribed with "words of power". These tablets were generally used in negative spells because the lead ensured the spell's long continuance. In India during the 11th century, charms and figures designed to cause conception or to increase the fertility of gardens and orchards were engraved on lead tablets
Lead is a heavy metal which causes death when it's absorbed by the body. The ancient Romans discovered this by using lead dishes and cooking utensils. Lead and silver are both extracted at the same time from similar-looking ores. To alchemists, lead was the oldest metal, and the polar opposite of silver, likening silver to the Moon (birth), and lead to Saturn (death).

Alchemical Lead

Alchemical symbol for lead

Energy: Receptive
Powers: Divinitation, Protection, Defensive Magic
A curious divinitation, recorded in the 1800's in Italy by Charles Leland, uses lead. Take three rose seeds, three nettle leaves, two rue leaves and three cumin seeds. Put these on a metal plate along with a small quantity of lead. At midnight, while clearing your mind of needless mental clutter, burn two yellow candles and light a fire. Place the metal plate over the fire. Then fill a large basin with water. Once the lead has melted, pour it, along with the herb ashes, into the water. When the lead nodule has cooled, remove it from the water and gaze at its shape, the ritual and the lead itself should allow access to your psychic mind. If nothing comes to you, place the nodule beneath your pillow and let your dreams guide you.

Lead is worn or used in protective spell and also plays its part in defensive magic. it can be placed near the entrance of the house to prevent negativity from gaining access.