Sea Green Beryl

Green Beryl The name is from the Greek [beryllos], indicating any green gemstone. (The majority of Beryl mined is some shade of green.) "Aquamarine" was first coined by the Romans and means "water of the sea" and is a form of green beryl.

Green Beryl is a traditional protective and luck stone for fishermen. In addition, it has been carved into cups and goblets because of the belief that it aids digestion and reduces body fluids.

This stone is associated with Sea Goddesses. It is recommended for increasing psychic abilities.

Traditionally, Beryl has been used for relief of stomach disorders and as a diuretic. It has also been recommended for toothaches.

Beryl can be used for the elimination of excess body fluids, kidney and bladder distress. It will also work as a "diet" stone because it not only relieves eating disorders, but soothes the emotions behind them. As an aqua stone, it can be used at the Throat Chakra for sore throats, tonsillitis and other inflammations. Magically, it can be used to represent Dolphin and the feminine principles of the Oceans.