StagIN his word from "The Mystery," Amergin sings, "I am a stag of seven tines."  He mentions the Stag along with three other animals.  Anothetr is the boar. The relationship between the stag and the boar represents the relationship of the waning and waxing light throughout the year. Both creatures come from the Otherworld.  They cross the boundaries between guides and messengers. After Beltane, the Boar is a "above" and is gifted with poetic wisdom.  The power of the Stag is associated to the green, growing earth. And after Samhain, when the Boar who is now a Sow, comes to Earth, wandering over the now barren earth as a fearsome Goddess, while the Stag lives "above"  as a bright presence to us who offers hope.

The Stag is perfect to announce the great change that is to take place after the Winter Solstice. Even though the earth is dark and barren and nights still much longer than days, even though unnoticed, the light has begun to grow. We are very much in the dark times, but deep inside a spark begins to glow, reminding us of an ever-present life force, as soon the light returns. Because "stag of seven tines," has been through many cycles of waxing and waning, he is a guide we can trust.

Alexei Kondratiev, The Apple Branch, Citidel Press, 2003