Tinne (CHIN-yuh)


The Letter


The Tree ~ Holly

The Eighth Consonant


Place on the hand

The First Joint of the Middle Finger

Color ~ Temen ~ Dark Gray 

Smokey Quartz

Stone ~ Smokey Quartz


Bird ~ Truith ~ Starling

Goddess ~ Boudica


Symbol ~ The Spear

Note ~ e

Planet ~ Sun

Word ogham ~ inget, mastery, third of a wheel, axle, fires of coal, today

Flower essence ~ Holly

Holly flowers in July.  Tinne is a Celtic word meaning sacred tree.  There are some thoughts that perhaps it mythology speaks not of what we know of as Holly, but rather the evergreen Oak that is referenced. (White Goddess)

Tinne is the symbol of the consistent possibility of creativity.  Often revered above the oak.  Its red berries are seen as the red blood of the dying Oak King (the dying of the waxing half of the year). (Fruits of the Moon Tree)

Magical: planet - Mars, element - fire, powers - protection, anti-lightning, luck and dream magic.  Folklore says that when thrown at wild animals it will make them lie down quietly and leave you alone.  (Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)

Tinne can be a sign of revenge or vengeance taken for wrongs done to someone.  It is also the perfect balance point; it is that force which will right a wrong.  The holly is the sign for justice.  Tinne indicates directed balance and a capacity to unify both sides of a question.  It s message is to be steadfast in adversity, remaining green and vital during the coldness of winter.  There is a need for more knowledge, perhaps, but certainly the need to communicate your ideas well and effectively. 

Botanical Information
The holly is a shrub, which can grow up to 35 feet in open woodlands and along clearings in forests.  They are evergreen, and their shiny leaves and red berries make them stand out in winter among the bare branches of the deciduous forest trees that surround them.  They form their red berries before Samhain, which last until the birds have finished eating them, often after Imbolc.  The typical “holly leaf” is found on smaller plants, but toward the tops of taller plants the leaves have fewer spiny teeth. 


I who heal may also hex,
The good enhance, the evil vex;
I am an avenging spear.

The rich and powerful know no fear,
Though the seasons change throughout the year;

But I’ll speak up and make them hear;
I am an avenging spear.

For peace and love we ever yearn,
But some do wrong and never learn;
This time it won’t be us that’ll burn;
I am an avenging spear.

I’m tired of promises, tired of the lie
Of a better life after I die,
We take what’s ours and touch the sky;
I am an avenging spear

What goes up must soon come down,
So wipe your tears and mend your frown
Their time is up, go claim your crown,
I am an avenging spear

On the earth, in the air, through the fire, by the water,
I am VENGEANCE, the holly moon’s daughter
© Chris Carol 1979