“I am a tear the Sun lets fall”

(FAIR-n), fern ~ Alder


The Tree - Alder
The Fourth Consonant


Place on the Hand – Tip of the Ring Finger


Stone - Fire Garnet


Bird - Faelinn- Gull

Color - Flann - Crimson, Green, Brown, Royal Purple


Kore    Eostre   Saule

Symbols - Flowers
Planet - Saturn, Pallas
Tree of fire and resurrection
Day of the week - Saturday
metal - Lead
Planet - Saturn
Key word - utility
Good time to work magic
Numerical value - 4
Musical Note - C
Flower Essence - Genetian, larch

Word Ogham - Protection, shield of warrior bands, shelter of the heart

Alder is the tree of the Bran. In the Battle of the Trees the alder fought in the front line( shows that it is one of the first five consonants). Described as : a battle-witch of all woods, tree that is hottest in the fight." Prized for its charcoal. In Ireland if you fell a sacred alder your house could possibly burn.  It's leaves and timber resist water better than other woods.  It was used for making milk pails and other wood vessels.  It yields three fine dyes, red from the bark, brown from the twigs, green from the flowers, typifying fire, earth and water.  When the alder is cut down at first it is white then it seems to bleed red, as a man. Season of the Spring Equinox.  (White Goddess p. 171-2).  

"Span for me the waters of Life, Bridge for time the river of Death". (words taken from the ritual of Bran when day and night are equal - Gentle Arts of Aquarian Magic p.190)

The Man - ash (inner man) marries the Woman-Alder (inner woman) at Spring Equinox.  Ash is strength, where alder is quiet resistance. Ash burns well where alder with its water resistant properties is connected with water.  The alder is the tree of Bran the Blessed whose animal is the raven in Celtic myth. Also Odin's bird, from the north place. (Fruits of the Moon Tree p. 96.)

Fearn is a great strength in any situation and is powerful in any competition.  The alder is tenacious and determined in its power.  Alder indicates the very founding principals of all tradition.  Fearn indicates that you remain steadfast in what you know to be your principles - the foundation of your knowledge and being.  If you are unsure of what these principles are, then you should seek them relentlessly until they are found.  You may be resistant to change.  The challenge of the Alder is not being aware of danger and dispute, and to have the knowledge of when to remain steadfast and when to allow and encourage change in life.  You may have a tendency to fear defeat to such an extent that your courage is impaired.

Botanical Information

The alder is found along lowland rivers, growing with aspens, poplars, and willows.  Alders sprout from stumps which allows them to regenerate after heavy flooding.  If protected, they may grow to 65 feet.  Their leaves are blunt-tipped. It common in the mountains of Europe, and is not restricted to moist soils.  European alders are not widely cultivated in North American and are are often sold as black alders.  It's wood is said to resist rotting when it is wet, and was the wood of choice for pilings in many regions.  Alders are members of the Birch family.  


Weep, weep for the sparkling stream,
Weep, weep for the great oak tree;
Weep, weep for the bright blue sky,
Weep for the memory.

Weep, weep for the sacred grove,
Weep, weep for the peaceful years;
Weep, weep for the fruitful field,
Weep for our present fears.

Weep, weep for the endless fight,
Weep, weep for the vengeance night;
Weep, weep now with all our might;
Weep for our birthright.

On the earth, in the air, Through the fire, by the water
I am CLARITY, the fourth month's daughter.

© Chris Carol 1979. © 1948, 1966 by International Authors N.Y.